Independent, Open, Innovative, Compliant.

Futurewei’s standards vision is to enable broad industry adoption of societally relevant technologies via open and globally relevant information and communication (ICT) standardization.

Futurewei participates in open standards development making independent expert-driven contributions. Futurewei’s standards mission is principled on independent, open and innovative development of globally relevant ICT standards, in support of our standards vision and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and governance. 

Futurewei’s standards experts have contributed to open standards for two decades. Standardization work selection and focus are independently made by the Futurewei engineers, standards experts, and business teams.

Extensive Industry Engagement

With almost two decades of engagement in standardization, Futurewei engineers have actively participated in and contributed to a broad range of Standards Development Organizations.


Futurewei recognizes the importance of research and innovation to the advancement of new information and communication technological breakthroughs. This is possible through collaboration with research institutes and industry partners in communication technology, computer science, engineering and related fields.

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