Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future

Futurewei focuses research on open innovation of advanced information and communications technology (ICT) domains that will benefit an intelligent and digital society. 

By focusing on open innovation beyond traditional ICT industry, we aim to partner with industrial ecosystems. Over the next 5 to 10 years, these new technologies can truly digitize our traditional industries and rapidly advance us towards the future. 

New mobile platform ecosystems


Futurewei works with industry partners to enable and grow business opportunities in the mobile ecosystem across many device platforms.

Cloud ecosystem  


As cloud becomes the norm to develop and run current and emerging applications landscape, Futurewei collaborates with industry and academia partners through the open-source ecosystem. Together, we strive towards addressing new challenges posed by the next generation of AI & 5G based application landscape.

Intelligent Storage solutions ecosystem


Futurewei engages in developing storage ecosystem through:

1. Working with third party organizations for industry-leading storage solutions (K8S, Sparks, NVMe, etc);  2. Open collaboration and participation with industry players in various storage associations or conferences (SNIA, SODA, etc); 3. Leading storage innovations via open source storage projects (ZNSNlog, NDP, etc).

IC ecosystem  


Futurewei collaborates with industry partners to bring RISCV based IC-design and methodologies to the open source ecosystem.


Futurewei recognizes the importance of research and innovation to the advancement of new information and communication technological breakthroughs. This is possible through collaboration with research institutes and industry partners in communication technology, computer science, engineering and related fields.

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