Futurewei Research

Shaping the Future

Futurewei focuses research on advanced information and communications technology (ICT) domains that will benefit an intelligent and digital society. By focusing on open innovation beyond traditional ICT industry, we aim to advance these technologies into real world solutions through standardization, open source collaboration and partnering with industrial ecosystems. Over the next 5 to 10 years, these new technologies can truly digitize our traditional industries and rapidly advance us towards the future. 


Cloud Research

Futurewei’s Cloud Lab is focused towards building next generation cloud technologies, platforms and services by collaborating with researchers and practitioners around the world. As industry moves to deploy new applications and services in cloud, there are new challenges in next generation cloud, for scalability, latency, ease of deployment and operations. Futurewei’s Cloud Lab in partnership with industry and research institute, is researching to address these challenges.

Future Network

Future Networks group focuses on the research and development of new network technologies, including architectures and protocols, in support of the future digital society. As the landscape of future applications continuously evolves, our research commits to the ideas and trends that will be coming in the next 5 to 10 years.


 IC Design

Futurewei’s IC Design research team is focused on the increasing demands for higher performance, lower power, better design and validation methodologies through collaboration with industry associations and research institutes.

Media Research

Media is an essential part of peoples everyday life and Futurewei’s Media lab is focused on the continuous improvement of media representation, compression, storage, and transmission algorithms. Futurewei’s Media lab in collaboration with industry and research institutes is innovating in next generation media services by creating new experiences not only in conventional media services (such as video streaming, television, and teleconferencing) but also in augmented and virtual realities that provide immersive user experiences.


Wireless Research

Futurewei’s wireless research innovates on ground-breaking technologies that positively impacts the wireless industry. Through a combination of in-house research, active participation in an open innovation ecosystems, and working in a cross-disciplinary manner, traditional models for communication theory and wireless system implementation are disrupted.


Futurewei recognizes the importance of research and innovation to the advancement of new information and communication technological breakthroughs. This is possible through collaboration with research institutes and industry partners in communication technology, computer science, engineering and related fields.

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