Open Source

Contribute, Collaborate, Comply.

Futurewei is fully committed to the Success of Open Source.

We contribute and collaborate with the open source community (users, developers, open source foundations, academic organizations, etc) and ensure compliance.

Futurewei follows the following 3 “Open” principles for our Open Source projects:

Open Design

“Open Design” guarantees a transparent and open process for planning and designing the technologies we build. All the design concepts and architectures are openly shared with the industry. 

Open Collaboration

“Open Collaboration” ensures a collaborative and inclusive culture that we foster when developing our open source projects. We openly work with developers, users, and ecosystem.

Open Communication

“Open communication" gives everyone in the open source project equal participation for the success of the project. Creating an atmosphere of open communication allows for the flow of energy and creativity.

Open Source Communities

Collaborate with us in open source communities.


Futurewei recognizes the importance of research and innovation to the advancement of new information and communication technological breakthroughs. This is possible through collaboration with research institutes and industry partners in communication technology, computer science, engineering and related fields.

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